The Princess Picture Revised – Writing Updates

A picture criticising the Disney Princesses has been floating around the internet, so I’ve made my own version of it. It can be found on my deviantArt page.

The original can be found with a Google image search for ‘Disney Princess criticism’.

Incidentally, I am currently researching for a book on the Disney females and how they have developed.


Don’t Talk to Strangers (U) – Original Fiction

Title: Don’t Talk to Strangers

Genre(s): Fairy tale; satire

Rating: U (suitable for all)

Word count: 850

Summary: Gullible princess, wicked witch, modern twist.

Author’s notes: We studied fairy tales in English at Sixth Form and had to write our own modern version, so I wrote this. I had to update it before uploading it here as many of the items and concepts featured were already outdated.

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Why Kopa from the Lion King Books Is Not Canon – A Fan Editorial

Boundless Dreams (U) – Original Fiction

Title: Boundless Dreams

Genre(s): Children’s fiction

Rating: U (suitable for all)

Summary: Alyssa James finds herself being rudely woken before dawn.

Author’s notes: I first wrote this as a teenager and it’s been re-written more times than I care to guess at. Still not really happy with it but I’m leaving it as it is. For now at least. At one point I did think about turning it into a novel, but I don’t know if I ever will.

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Lit Crit – An Editorial

Name: Lit Crit

Written: As a letter to the editor of Writers Forum magazine, published in the November 08 issue.

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Paper Beats Tablets – An Editorial

Title: Paper Beats Tablets

Written: As a letter to the editor of Writing Magazine, published as the Star Letter in the August 2009 issue.

Notes: (1) This letter was written before Borders Bookstores closed down. If I were to re-write it now I would replace Borders with Foyles. (2) The letter received two responses in letters page of the following issue, both positive, and more people joined the Facebook group. (3) I have since written a longer editorial on this subject which has been published on Squidoo.

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The Witchcraft Question – A Paper on Harry Potter

Title: The Witchcraft Question

Written: For the “Sectus” fan conference in London, England in 2007.

Synopsis: Every fan and many a Muggle is familiar with the controversy the Harry Potter series has caused – the attempts to ban the books and the accusations that they sugar-coat evil and seduce children into witchcraft and the occult. This presentation addresses these concerns by examining the origins and history of witchcraft, what witchcraft actually is, where the myths and legends come from, how accurately witchcraft is portrayed in the Harry Potter novels and whether real life witchcraft is likely to appeal to children as much as the fantasy.

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Site update 03/12/10 – New Look and Function

I’ve decided to change the entire look of this blog and give it a slightly different function. It is now going to serve primarily as a portfolio and publicity tool for my writing. Most of the old posts are gone and new items will be added over the weekend.